"Nos vas a extrañar cuando estes en Paris"

"You'll see that you're going to miss us in Paris." This is probably one of the phrases that I've heard the most ever since I got accepted into the study abroad program back in April. Every Mexican adult from my parents to their friends has told me this. Of course, I'm going to miss them- I've lived with them for 21 years so it would be unnatural for me not miss them but I also think that I'm at that point in my life where I'm ready to live outside of their house. Paris is not a permanent thing, but it will be a little taste of what it's like to be an independent person.
Now my parents, well I would describe them as the typical set of Mexican parents. My dad is the bread-winner of the family, an intimidating and strict head of the household who always expects nothing but the best. I probably made him sound worse than he is but he is pretty protective and has high expectations. Now my mom on the other hand is a stay-at-home mother, cares a lot for her children and tries to be understanding most of the time. This may be a stereotype, or maybe just a trend that I've seen among friends and family members but it seems like the children don't move out from their parent's house until they want to get married or have a very serious relationship. This is an example of how American culture has influenced me but I really don't think I'm going to wait until I find a partner to move out. I think 18 is too young to move out but once you're 21 and about to graduate college you're more than ready to move out.

I love my parents and they know that even if I'm not the most affectionate of people. I also know that letting me go is a huge step for both of them but I will hopefully prove them that this is a necessary step and that I'll be just fine. And I really need to prove my parents friends wrong so they can shut up, I really dislike people doubting me when they don't even know me. Sometimes I wish Mexicans would learn a little from Americans and just let their kids go, but then again I do love how important family is for Mexicans so I take that back. The main thing that they need to know is that even if you do let your children go, they will still keep you in their life one way or another because they know the importance of family.

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