Yes, it's been 6 months since I left San Diego to go study in Paris and let me tell you time here has gone by FAST! I can still remember making my appointment with the French Consulate in the summer and packing my bags as if it was only yesterday. Nothing much has changed since the last update but I still decided to record a short video to let you know what's happened since the last update.

One thing I forgot to mention about my upcoming trip is the location! I'll be visiting Budapest which I'm extremely excited about. I'm looking forward to all the fun activities and events that I have in store this upcoming week so be on the look out for new videos and posts.

Thanks for watching and have a great day.

Keep in touch with people back home

As you all may know I am extremely close with my family and friends back home and I still am! I find myself talking to them almost everyday so I keep them updated about what's going on. By talking to them often I also know how everything is back home. It's more than possible to talk to your loved ones almost as much as you do back home and for FREE! Watch the video below to learn the many ways you can talk to your loved ones while you're studying abroad.

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Studying abroad according to...

Sorry for jumping on the bandwagon but when I saw this I knew I had to post it on my blog. I have to say that for the most part it is accurate. Not the relatives part though, I have no idea why that's even in there but whatever.

American vs. French Universities

So after studying in Paris for a semester I've compiled a list of things that I like and dislike about the French university system. Just as you'd expect there's a lot of differences between the two systems but you'd be surprised what things I'm complaining about or maybe not if you're French.

Blog of the Week!

This past week has been a very good week for me, from falling in love with Chairlift's second album Something to eating the best duck I've had in Paris so far at Mirama- my last week before second semester has been nothing but warm and kind to me despite the fact that it is freezing outside. And now I have very exciting news to share!

Not only did my blog reach 10,000 page views this week but it also got named GoAbroad.com's Blog of the Week! I'm looking forward to help even more students and their parents, informing them about everything they need to know about studying abroad and living abroad. I have a lot of informative posts on the way including a post about registering for classes, thrift shopping in Paris, and a post describing my study abroad program. I also have lots of videos planned out for the next coming months.

Thank you for all your support and thank you once again, GoAbroad.com.

Bon week-end à tous!