Travel tips for study abroad students: Copenhagen

The last city in my little travel series is Copenhagen which is by far my favorite city I got to travel to during this Christmas holiday. The city was clean, trendy, and extremely welcoming. This is a place that I've been recommending a lot to my friends since I have nothing but great things to say about it.

Travel tips for study abroad students: Malmö

We're going to continue this travel tip series with Malmö, Sweden. I know many haven't heard about Malmö but it's Sweden's 3rd biggest city and home to the Turning Torso! Its also a 20 minute train ride across the Øresund Bridge from the Copenhagen Airport. Malmö is also extremely diverse so if you're expecting to see just blonde people you'll be surprised by seeing so many immigrants coming from Turkey, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Travel tips for study abroad students: London

To be completely honest, I didn't like London much. I don't know whether it was because of the lack of time we had to explore the city or the fact that I found it overwhelming to explore. I would highly suggest to anyone to travel to London to spend more than 2 days like I did.

Travel tips for study abroad students: Manchester

As you all may know I definitely took advantage of traveling during my Christmas holidays because unlike many study abroad students, going to class is my #1 priority. I'd rather take a week long trip instead of flying to a new city for the weekend and rushing to do everything. A couple of French people warned me that the places I had chosen to travel to were expensive places, they even claimed to be even more expensive than Paris which kind of scared me a bit. Thankfully I discovered that there are cheap options but you just have to look for them and be flexible. I'm going to share my tips for all the cities I went to this past break and even share the hotel/hostel.

4 AND 5 month update!

Since I was extremely busy with school, holiday shopping, and traveling I've decided to talk about what's been going on these past two months in one video.

As I said in the video, I'm thinking of vlogging everyday for a month! I still don't know which month I will document but comments will be much appreciated. So should it be February, March, or April?

Q&A #1

Last semester tumblr user aminataaa (who's French) asked me a couple of questions regarding how I felt about attending a French university and the French. I thought they were really good questions so instead of answering them on Tumblr I've decided to dedicate entirely to her questions. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me or send me questions on Tumblr, I'm looking forward doing more of these posts in order to help current and future study abroad students.

Malmö and Copenhagen

When my brother, my boyfriend, and I booked our trip to Malmö and Copenhagen we got asked "Why Copenhagen?" "What is there to do in Sweden?" over and over by family members and friends. I've been interested in traveling to Sweden since my childhood when I became obsessed with the A-Teens and ABBA so when my brother told me he wanted to go visit Malmö and Copenhagen it only took a second for me to say "YES."