Breakfast in Tijuana

This morning my mom and I went to have breakfast in Tijuana with my grandma, two of my aunts, and a couple cousins- it was mi "desayuno de despedida" or my goodbye breakfast.

We went to a restaurant called "La Granja" (The Farm) which was pretty good I have to say. One of my cousins that attended the breakfast had gone to Paris for a business trip recently and she told us a little bit about her experience. She thought the French were nice but in her opinion the stereotype that the French smell was true and since she's a huge girly girl her reaction was hilarious. And just to clear things up, I don't think that stereotype is necessarily true- I think some Americans smell worse, especially American college guys that drown themselves in Axe body spray.We also talked about me leaving and my mom traveling to France for her first time. My aunts asked me how long I was going to stay there, where I was going to study, who I was going to room with- stuff like that. All Mexicans are protective of their loved ones. My grandma in the other hand was completely cool if I stayed there longer than 11 months, as long as I brought her some new magnets of places that I travel to for her fridge.

Later in the evening I went to Starbucks with my friend Liz. We just caught up, talked about Paris, and also shared some music. I'm definitely going to miss talking and hanging out with her but at least there's always Skype. I'm definitely looking forward to telling her my Parisian stories over Skype and hearing her stories from this upcoming semester.

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut and dyed. Goodbye to rocking three shades of hair (my roots, my faded hair, and the bleached ends) and hello healthy-er looking hair. I'll post pictures of my minor makeover and the vlog tomorrow.

This is the last weekend in San Diego before Paris!

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