Packing for Studying Abroad

Credit: Travel Confidently
Packing for a week long trip can be challenging, so you can imagine how daunting it is to event think about packing for a semester or year. Let me tell you, it's not easy to pack for 10 months when you have no idea what you should take, but consider yourselves lucky because I am here to share my tips! You'll be learning from all my packing mistakes. I'll be sharing my tips for year long students but if you're only going for a semester feel free to use this as a rough guide.

La Fête Nationale | Bastille Day

I hope everyone enjoys the Bastille Day festivities! And before I forget.... VIVE LA FRANCE!

2 year bloggerversary!

It's officially 2 years since I started De San Diego à Paris. When I started this blog I had no idea if anyone would read it, all I wanted to do was able to share my tips and advice for future study abroad students. When I was getting prepared to leave to Paris I quickly realized that there was a lack of resources for students planning to go to Paris so I decided to take the plunge and start my own website. I never expected to get the kind of support that I've received these past two years.

Traveling the World: Travel Tips for College Students

Krakow, Poland
As a general rule, college students experience a lot of stress. On breaks from school, it’s important to take time to blow off a little steam. Since most of us are still young, traveling the world makes for a great way to unwind. Of course, we also seldom have much money, but that won’t get in the way of traveling as long as we are careful. Here are a few tips I've found useful when globetrotting during breaks.