Blending in with the Parisian

One of the things I've noticed about Paris is that despite being the fashion capital not every Parisian is necessarily fashionable. Most students at the Sorbonne do have a really great style but if I were to judge the city as a whole I would say that its like almost every other city: you have those with great style, those who play it by the rules, and those who seem to not own a mirror. I've found the way to easily spot a Parisian is by looking at who is wearing headphones on the metro, and particularly Dr. Dre Beats.

Yes, Dr. Dre Beats! Those ridiculously expensive headphones that I've only worn when I go into Best Buys, or when my brother is nice enough to let me borrow his pair. It seems like Parisians love their Dr. Dre Beats and with good reason- they completely block the sound which comes in handy when you're commuting in the metro or simply want to ignore everyone.

So if you want to look like more like a Parisian just have your headphones on (preferably Dr. Dre Beats) when you're in the metro, the bus, or when walking on the streets of Paris.

PS. They make a great 22nd birthday/Christmas gift. *wink wink*


  1. Wait a minute. Just pay a little bit more attention. All people who are dressed like shit are just tourists (sometimes french tourists, but still not from Paris). I can notice them from VERY far away. Especially Americans. True story. =)

  2. Anne-Laure: I'm starting to learn how to tell that they're tourists now especially if they're dressed in brighter colors or are a bit more bold with their outfits. Oh Americans are by far the easiest to spot! Doesn't matter where they go their outfits always scream "I'M FROM THE US of A" haha.