Keep in touch with people back home

As you all may know I am extremely close with my family and friends back home and I still am! I find myself talking to them almost everyday so I keep them updated about what's going on. By talking to them often I also know how everything is back home. It's more than possible to talk to your loved ones almost as much as you do back home and for FREE! Watch the video below to learn the many ways you can talk to your loved ones while you're studying abroad.

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  1. hi laura!!it's been awhile since we saw yelle together at the casbah! i'm so happy u've been blogging so much & keeping all of us updated! that's so cool u are finding time to do this :)hope u've been well!

    aaaand u have inspired me to start up blogging too. i guess once u start, u just can't stop! it's addicting! check it out & follow if you likey! hehe

  2. PS i LOVE ur lip color here!!! <3

  3. CY: I just checked out your blog, its great! I just had to follow it. :)

    I know its almost a year now. Thank you so much and I'm glad you got into blogging. :) Once you start its hard to stop. I hope we can hang out once I come back to SD. Hope you're doing well.

  4. Keeping In Touch provides support for independent home living and domiciliary care as well as aid call and silverline Our Companions take the time to get to know each person they are assigned to. This on-going contact with our Customers is designed.

    Keeping In Touch