New and Old Paris

La Grande Arche
Yesterday afternoon I spent the day in what I'd like to refer as new Paris- La Défense. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love old Paris, the historic buildings, and the people taking a stroll in the afternoon but I also appreciate new and modern buildings. One of the things that stands out the most at La Défense is of course La Grande Arche which was breathtaking- it was big, clean, and very modern and the fact that you can see the Arc de Triomphe in the distance perfectly demonstrates the two contrasting sides of Paris. There are various sculptures and two malls in that area, all which again are very modern. I really enjoyed spending a couple of hours in that area and getting to see modern Paris.

L'Arc de Triomphe in the distance
Today since I didn't have much energy to go out Beatriz and I decided to explore the area we live in and what we discovered was pretty cool if I may say so. During our walk I felt that I was in at least 2 other cities, it was remarkable how drastic the architectural styles would change from street to street. Some of the buildings we walked by looked like something straight out of a fairy tale- a charming little house made of red bricks, town houses painted in pastel colors, and tons of flowers. Today's walk and yesterday's trip made me fall in love with Paris even more. Although I'm at the point that I'm getting used to waking up in Paris, its moments like these that make me say "I'm extremely lucky to be living here."


I have found there is a severe the lack of Mexican culture. As I've mentioned before I live in Tijuana for 10 years before moving to San Diego which has a very strong Mexican presence. I've seen a couple Mexican restaurants in Paris but here's the deal I'm extremely picky with my Mexican food so picky that the only Mexican restaurant that I go to in San Diego is Lolita's. So when I saw BocaMexa I went in to see if there were Mexicans working and there are. I had never been so happy to see another Mexican in my life or seeing Salsa Valentina- it was ridiculous but it brought me back home for a split second.

RIP DJ Mehdi

Today French DJ and member of Ed Banger Records has passed away. I was in shock when I found out the news and even more so that it happened in the same city I'm currently in. I was hoping to see him perform while I was in Paris but unfortunately that won't be the case. You and your music will be truly missed.

How to Avoid Getting Homesick

Homesickness is something nearly everyone goes through at some point of their time abroad but fortunately for me I've yet to experience it during my first month in Paris. Here are some of my tips to avoid getting homesick.

Remembering September 11th, 2001

I really can't begin to comprehend that its been exactly 10 years since the day that changed the U.S. forever. I can still remember that day as if it happened only a week ago.

Quick update from Paris

I know I haven't updated in a couple of days but I've been busy with the intensive French class and also trying to see which university was the right one for me. After much thinking I decided I was going to take up the challenge to go to the Sorbonne Paris IV. Its definitely going to be hard for me but I'm ready and more than willing to give it my all this upcoming school year.

Carte Bleue and French Cellphones

ZTE Blade
This is the follow up to "Opening A French Bank Account." On the previous post I described how easy and quick it was opening a bank account in France but I have to say that the process to obtain the carte bleue (debit card) was anything but fast.

Discovering a Different Side of Paris

When we first got told that we were going to Belleville (an area where a lot of immigrants in Paris live) I have to admit I wasn't too keen about the idea. I don't even go to Barrio Logan, the immigrant neighborhood where many Mexicans reside in San Diego and I'm Mexican! So my thought was why would I want to go to the immigrant neighborhood in Paris? But you know what I was very glad we were shown that side of Paris. Belleville is a neighborhood in Paris which parts of it lies in four different arrondissements. It is also the home to the second Chinese quarter in Paris and a lot of eclectic street art.