I have found there is a severe the lack of Mexican culture. As I've mentioned before I live in Tijuana for 10 years before moving to San Diego which has a very strong Mexican presence. I've seen a couple Mexican restaurants in Paris but here's the deal I'm extremely picky with my Mexican food so picky that the only Mexican restaurant that I go to in San Diego is Lolita's. So when I saw BocaMexa I went in to see if there were Mexicans working and there are. I had never been so happy to see another Mexican in my life or seeing Salsa Valentina- it was ridiculous but it brought me back home for a split second.

Yesterday in order to get ready for el grito I desperately wanted a burrito or anything Mexican because I haven't had anything spicy in a month. Unfortunately the burrito was a disappointment, it was a bit better than a burrito from Chipotle back in the States but still not what I was craving for. I was imagining a burrito like the ones El Burro Percheron in Tijuana but I got a bland burrito with the worst salsa I've had. As I said I am very picky with Mexican food, you might like it if you like Americanized Mexican food but I say if you're Mexican then don't bother since it probably won't be up to your standards.

After our getting a slight taste of Mexican food Beatriz, our friend Orlando, and I decided that we should celebrate el 16 de septiembre together because we refused to pay 18€ to go to the official event held in Paris. Orlando being the Mexican food extraordinaire suggested we should make buñuelos which is a thin piece of fried dough with sugar and cinnamon (or if you're lucky with a piloncillo syrup). Since we didn't have a rolling pin the buñuelos turned out a bit thick but nevertheless they were still delicious and they reminded me of home. Last night proves that all you need in life is some good food and good company to have a Mexican Independence day (and a little alcohol doesn't hurt either).

Para todos mis Mexicanos les deseo un feliz 16 de septiembre, espero que celebren con mucha comida Mexicana y tequila. ¡VIVA MEXICO!

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