Quick update from Paris

I know I haven't updated in a couple of days but I've been busy with the intensive French class and also trying to see which university was the right one for me. After much thinking I decided I was going to take up the challenge to go to the Sorbonne Paris IV. Its definitely going to be hard for me but I'm ready and more than willing to give it my all this upcoming school year.
Last night I went to my first French party and let me tell you, it was great. Despite my spoken French still being the horrible mess that it is, I tried my best to speak to the people there. I've never imagined having such great conversations at a party. The topics ranged from music, politics, religion, school, and culture which was just amazing. It felt so good talking about subjects that are usually considered delicate topics in the U.S. like religion and politics- its nearly impossible to have a conversation about either of those topics without getting into some sort of argument. Oh and I also got a hilarious lesson in urban French.

Today I went to the Jardin du Luxembourg to meet the French students who are going to California to study in the spring, bad thing only four came. The picnic itself was pretty boring and I really wasn't so pleased that the Americans who arrived late just started eating before the people who were doing the scavenger hunt was even over. It was just a rude and inconsiderate thing to do. Despite having a very dull time with the people in my exchange program, the garden was absolutely breathtaking.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far, there will be a new blog post tomorrow about 9/11.

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