Remembering September 11th, 2001

I really can't begin to comprehend that its been exactly 10 years since the day that changed the U.S. forever. I can still remember that day as if it happened only a week ago.

September 2001 marked my first year living in the U.S. and I was finally starting to feel accepted by my peers, making good friends, and started perfecting my English. The morning of September 11 didn't feel real, Mom woke my brother and I up in panic and turned both of our TV's on so we could see what was going on. I saw the Twin Towers collapse, people jumping out of the windows, and people performing heroic acts just like many Americans and people around the world. When I arrived to school every one in the sixth grade gathered in a classroom to watch the news and a couple of my American classmates were just in tears because they knew someone in New York and one even knew someone that worked in the Twin Towers. As a 12 year-old who was new to living in the States, I just didn't know how to process everything that was happening. I didn't know whether I should be crying too because this was happening to my country or to just remain neutral. Sure I felt extremely sad but I just didn't know how to show it. School was cut short that day and the fear started to kick, my parents picked my brother and I home and we did just what the news told us to to- stock up your houses with food in case there were more attacks especially since San Diego was considered a target attack because of our naval base. I don't think I had feared for my life that much since the last few years that I had in Tijuana.

After the attacks I really admired and watched the news in awe as I saw the country stand together as one, and saw other countries show their supports after what had happened- I just had never seen so much kindness in my life. After 9/11 children like myself who had just moved to the U.S. felt like they were part of the country, we were dressed up in our red, white, and blue, and singing "God Bless America" just like our counterparts who had been living there their whole lives. For me 9/11 not only changed the country but it also changed me and how I felt about living in the United States. I felt very proud of living there, maybe not as proud to rock red, white, and blue everyday or put a huge American flag outside of my house but still very proud to call the United States my home. I truly love living the United States and I feel extremely lucky calling the land of opportunity my home because without it I wouldn't be the person I am today.

I  would like to take a small time to remember those who lost their lives and for those who sacrificed their lives to save other on September 11th, 2001, a day that we will never forget. 

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