We welcome guest blog posts here at De San Diego à Paris. You can write a guest blog post if you're...

  • A future study abroad student
  • A current study abroad student
  • A French student in San Diego (or other city in California)
  • A French major in an American University
  • An expat in Paris (or other city in France)
  • An au pair
  • Teacher assistant in France
  • Travel enthusiast
If you have a blog post in mind don't hesitate to send us an email at so we can discuss your idea. There is no length requirement for you blog post, so it's up to you. All we require are two pictures for the blog post (preferably some you've taken, but if you're using a picture belonging to someone else send us the source so we can give credit to the photographer). A short little bio about you would also be appreciated. You can include your Twitter, YouTube channel, or blog in the bio so we can redirect people to where they can find you.

If you'd like to submit a short 5-7 minute long video regarding study abroad, French culture, travel advice, or expat tips feel free to email us as well. We would first need is to discuss the video idea and then I would need the raw video file so I can edit the video. I try to keep the videos 5 minutes long so don't worry about being perfect I can always edit out pauses or mistakes.

I look forward to collaborating with other people in order to build an even stronger resource for study abroad students going to France.


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