Study Abroad Identity Crisis Update

It's been 13 days since I first wrote about going through the identity crisis and I'm happy to report that I'm not going through this anymore. I no longer feel lost and I'm beginning to enjoy my summer. Of course I still miss Paris but it is no longer holding me back from enjoying my life.

Joyeux 14 juillet à tous!

Vive la France!

Reverse Culture Shock and Study Abroad Identity Crisis

It has now been exactly a month since I left Paris and first I would like to apologize about my absence here at my blog. I've spent the last month seeing my friends and family and making what was my home feel like home once again. Now this blog post will not be a typically happy blog post; this blog post will not share with you the joys of coming back home because frankly most stories I've heard from people who come back from studying abroad have been happy ones. Reconnecting with family and friends, being happy to be back in a familiar place, and well just resuming life as normal. Yeah, that's not my story.