Happy 18th birthday to my baby brother!

See you in December!

Blending in with the Parisian

One of the things I've noticed about Paris is that despite being the fashion capital not every Parisian is necessarily fashionable. Most students at the Sorbonne do have a really great style but if I were to judge the city as a whole I would say that its like almost every other city: you have those with great style, those who play it by the rules, and those who seem to not own a mirror. I've found the way to easily spot a Parisian is by looking at who is wearing headphones on the metro, and particularly Dr. Dre Beats.

Entertainment on the Métro

I won't lie, you see some pretty strange things on the metro sometimes. Whether it is a guy wearing just briefs or hearing "Cielito Lindo" sung by a French person with an accordion, you just tend to see some random things on the metro and especially if you have to use the metro on a daily basis. Last week I was asked by a gypsy woman to wake her up when we reached Châtelet and I also saw probably my favorite metro performer. A man with a portable karaoke machine entered M4 direction Porte de Clignancourt, at first I thought "what the hell?" since I'm so used to seeing men with accordions and guitars enter in hopes to get some tips but this guy- well this guy just rocked my socks off and made me laugh when I desperately needed it. The first song that he sang as "La Bamba" and his encore performance was the Numa Numa song. One word: hilarious! I hope I get to see him sing again because he was by far the most memorable metro performer I've seen to date.

Picture Recap- November 2011

L'Arc de Triomphe on the first Sunday of the month.
This is a picture of recap of the first half of the month.

A Californian's Tips on how to stay warm in the fall

My fall essentials: Warm headband, button-down shirts, and  a wool sweater.
Yes, you've read correctly... IN THE FALL! Despite the common misconception it does get cold in Southern California... for about two months in the year but the point is that is does get cold. Paris currently feels like San Diego in the winter which is about 30º-50ºF. I have already seen my fellow Californians walk around like a stuffed animal by wearing a ton of layers and their fluffiest jacket as if it was already snowing. I've even read on Facebook statuses that the heater has already become their best friend. Let me tell you I'm not doing any of that because my plan of attack is to get used to the cold since I know that it's just going to get even colder in the coming weeks.

Inpirational quote

If you’re twenty-two, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel— as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them— wherever you go.

-Anthony Bourdain