Entertainment on the Métro

I won't lie, you see some pretty strange things on the metro sometimes. Whether it is a guy wearing just briefs or hearing "Cielito Lindo" sung by a French person with an accordion, you just tend to see some random things on the metro and especially if you have to use the metro on a daily basis. Last week I was asked by a gypsy woman to wake her up when we reached Châtelet and I also saw probably my favorite metro performer. A man with a portable karaoke machine entered M4 direction Porte de Clignancourt, at first I thought "what the hell?" since I'm so used to seeing men with accordions and guitars enter in hopes to get some tips but this guy- well this guy just rocked my socks off and made me laugh when I desperately needed it. The first song that he sang as "La Bamba" and his encore performance was the Numa Numa song. One word: hilarious! I hope I get to see him sing again because he was by far the most memorable metro performer I've seen to date.

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