A Californian's Tips on how to stay warm in the fall

My fall essentials: Warm headband, button-down shirts, and  a wool sweater.
Yes, you've read correctly... IN THE FALL! Despite the common misconception it does get cold in Southern California... for about two months in the year but the point is that is does get cold. Paris currently feels like San Diego in the winter which is about 30º-50ºF. I have already seen my fellow Californians walk around like a stuffed animal by wearing a ton of layers and their fluffiest jacket as if it was already snowing. I've even read on Facebook statuses that the heater has already become their best friend. Let me tell you I'm not doing any of that because my plan of attack is to get used to the cold since I know that it's just going to get even colder in the coming weeks.

Me and my panda gloves are ready for the winter!
Instead of relying on your heaviest jacket you brought, just stick to a warm-ish jacket and wear a scarf. You'll be cold but at least you won't be freezing! I've also been wearing skirts with tights and my flats. I don't want to start wearing my boots and then by the time I do need them December they won't have any effect on me. I bought the cutest pair of Panda gloves at Six which will work perfectly in the fall. Did I mention they're fingerless gloves?

Instead of relying on the heater to keep you warm when you go to sleep, just buy warmer pajamas and add extra sheets. Another thing that I've found extremely helpful is wearing two pairs of socks when you go to sleep, that instantly made me sleep like a baby.

Remember layers are your best friends and if you're a girl wash your hair at night and not in the morning. The moral of this post is that its only going to get worse so you better get used to the cold.
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