Blog will be coming back soon!

I'm extremely sorry for how the last month of my stay turned out. My computer died, I got food poisoning, injured a tendon in my knee, and survived a 4 hour in class final essay. All I can say is expect some good blog posts when I come back to San Diego.

Tomorrow I'll be leaving to Barcelona before going back home. I hope everyone is doing great and thank you for being patient with me.

See you all very soon!

Where are the daily vlogs?

If you follow me on Twitter or like my blog on Facebook you may know that I got really sick on Thursday and was unable to edit the Disneyland vlog. On Friday once I was feeling better I tried to edit it but my computer has fallen victim to another French virus right before finals. Just my luck... But don't worry, I'm still recording my vlogs just in case Orlando is able to fix my computer or in the worst case scenario, I will have to wait until I get back to San Diego.

I'm extremely sorry for this and I'm working hard to see if anything can be done. There will be text posts coming up soon though, now that I CAN do. 

Wish me luck so everything can be fixed and I can resume my vlogs!

Daily vlogs! Day 8 Happy birthday Beatriz!

Since I'll be at Disneyland all day today, I decided to post the vlog at 3h22. Yesterday was my friend, Beatriz's, birthday and we went to celebrate it at the French restaurant, Au Père Louis which I highly recommend. The food was so good! I swear I died and went to heaven when I tried their gratinée à l'oignon, and the confit de canard was just perfect. Once we were done with dinner we headed back to the apartment to have cake! And not just regular cake but cake with Speculoos filling! YUMMY!

Watch Beatriz's 22nd birthday dinner and wish her a happy birthday!
Le 8 mai 2012

Off to Disneyland in the morning! Expect some updates on Twitter and on my Facebook fan page. 

Daily vlogs! Day 7 Romeo and Juliet at the Opéra Bastille

Almost 9 months after arriving to Paris, we FINALLY got the to experience a show at the Opéra. My friend, Beatriz, and I decided to go see Roméo et Juliette at the Opéra Bastille yesterday night and it was spectacular! The two main reasons why we chose to go see Romeo and Juliet was because...
  1. We were familiar with the play.
  2. They were the cheapest tickets we found.
The show was a opera/ballet, which I wasn't expecting since when we bought the tickets it said it was only a ballet. The lighting was perfect, I really enjoyed how they played around with shadows to create more drama. The choreography was very interesting, there was obviously ballet but there were times that there was modern dance which added some youthfulness to the show. Despite what dance it was it was always full of energy and passion which made the show even more memorable. The costumes, were nothing out of the ordinary in my opinion but I did particularly enjoy the tutus especially during the masquerade scene which was my favorite scene of the show. 

I highly recommend to check out at least one show at the Opéra during your study abroad year or semester, it's a great experience plus it makes for a great story to share when you go back home. The prices may be a little high but if you want cheaper tickets you must schedule it MONTHS in advance but it'll be worth every Euro, I swear.

Check out our night at the Opéra here!
Le 7 mai 2012

Daily vlogs! Day 6

Yesterday we had a very lazy Sunday, and when I say lazy you better believe we were LAZY! Watch the video if you want a recap of what's coming up this week! I promise it'll be a lot more exciting than me cooking breakfast burritos.
Le 6 mai 2012

Daily Vlogs! Day 5

Cinco de Mayo in Paris! Find out how we celebrated Mexico's victory over the French with some duck? Yeah, duck- the best duck in Paris as a matter of fact.
Le 5 mai 2012

Daily Vlogs! Day 4

Here's day four! Meet Orlando, he's been in a couple of my vlogs before but you'll be seeing a lot more of him in this series. Watch as we go to get some pho and try my best not to make a huge mess.

Will I succeed? There's only one way to find out!
Le 4 mai 2012

Daily Vlogs! Day 3

Here's the third day of the series! I think I've started to get a hang of editing my vlogs which makes me even more motivated to keep it up.

Check out how my school day went and the mystery ingredient in my sandwiches.

 Le 3 mai 2012

Daily Vlogs! Day 2

After the horrible video from May 1st, yesterday I made sure to make May 2nd a lot better. I downloaded Sony Vegas Pro 11 and started teaching myself how to edit videos on it. I'm still in the process of learning how to work with the program so this vlog will showcase split screen which I'm currently playing around with. If you own the program and have any pointers, any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hope you enjoy the video and there will be regular blog posts coming up real soon.
le 2 mai 2012

Daily Vlogs! Day 1

So first of all I have to apologize because there was a huge glitch on this video and it freezes for like half of the video. I didn't notice this glitch until I was modifying the lighting which was pretty late. I won't be recording on my webcam any longer because the quality is just horrible so expect better quality vlogs starting tomorrow! I can assure you that tomorrow's vlog will be a lot better than this one.

I hope everyone enjoys this series and gets a better insight on the life of a study abroad student. I'll see you all tomorrow with another vlog!

Le 1er mai 2012

Travel tips for study abroad students: Budapest

I have to be completely honest the #1 reason why I chose to travel to Budapest was because the plane ticket on Ryan Air was ridiculously cheap. I had zero knowledge about the city prior to going to Budapest but once I had the chance to explore the city I was extremely glad I had the opportunity to visit this Eastern European city.