Daily Vlogs! Day 4

Here's day four! Meet Orlando, he's been in a couple of my vlogs before but you'll be seeing a lot more of him in this series. Watch as we go to get some pho and try my best not to make a huge mess.

Will I succeed? There's only one way to find out!
Le 4 mai 2012


  1. Lol
    1/ the booty massage is more like the making your pants disgusting lol
    2/ How can you even compare Galeries Lafayette to Centre Georges Pompidou?!
    3/ Hope you're not having an ice cream IN the pere Lachaise... that would be creepy... wouldn't it? Haha ;)

    1. Lol Luckily for him he's pants have a wax coating so they didn't get dirty and he wasn't comparing both places, that's just his sense of humor.

      I couldn't make it to Pere Lachaise so I didn't get to have ice cream around there. Definitely wouldn't have it in there, that would be a little creepy indeed.