México en Paris

Tacos de carnitas y una tostada de nopal con queso
As I've mentioned before it is a lot harder for authentic Mexican food in Paris than it is to find something American. There are McDo's and burger joints everywhere and also American themed restaurants. I've found a lot of Tex-Mex places here which causes French people to think that fajitas and chili con carne are Mexican dishes (PS. That's not really Mexican). So for Mexicnas good luck on finding dishes like menudo! In my search to find the best Mexican food I've come up with this conclusion- if you want authentic Mexican food then you'll have to cook it yourself.

Time to layer up!

I'm finally getting the chance to use the Blogger app on my Android phone since I'm bored in school and my next class starts in 50 minutes. So the weather is starting to change slowly but surely. Right now Paris feels like how San Diego feels like in it's coldest months which in reality is not too bad but I'm certainly not used to cold weather.

I do like cold weather so I won't be one of those people complaining about the cold every single day but I do think that I might have to start wearing more layers because I'm starting to get really cold.

I need some chocolate Abuelita to make hot chocolate and maybe that coat I have been eying at Zara. Excuses, excuses...

2 month update!

Sorry for the slight audio lag. 

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

As I mentioned before I had the pleasure of visiting Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte on Saturday evening with my fellow exchange students from California. It was a candle-lit tour so we couldn't see the outside of the castle very well but it was still breathtaking.

The Social Club

If you're a Ed Banger/French electro fan from the United States or Mexico then you know about the Social Club and probably even dream about going there. I know that was certainly the case with me and I finally had the chance to go the Social Club on September 30th to see Breakbot. First time at the Social Club and I'm seeing an Ed Banger artist? Now that's what I like to call good luck.

First day of class in Paris

Usually the night before I go back to school I have a lot of trouble sleeping and when I wake up I'm just a complete mess. My nervousness kicks into high gear and I have to keep my fingers crossed so that I don't spend over 20 minutes finding parking, but here in Paris it was a whole different story.

The French University System + Registration

To say that the French and American way of registering for classes in a university are different would be an understatement. I came to Paris knowing that registering for classes would be a headache but you really don't find out how bad it is until you have to do it. So back in the United States we're used to making wish lists online with the classes you want to take and you have a registration date. On the day you're assigned you just go online and simply add the classes- that's it! In less than 5 minutes you have all your classes picked out and the worst thing that can happen is that your class gets filled up but if that's the case you can just crash the class and hope that the professor can give you an add code. Here in France it's a completely different story.