The Social Club

If you're a Ed Banger/French electro fan from the United States or Mexico then you know about the Social Club and probably even dream about going there. I know that was certainly the case with me and I finally had the chance to go the Social Club on September 30th to see Breakbot. First time at the Social Club and I'm seeing an Ed Banger artist? Now that's what I like to call good luck.

My friends and I got there at around 22h30, the doors weren't open so we just sat around and did some people watching. I thought the club was popular with the younger crowd but there was such a diverse crowd. There were people in suits and nice dresses while others were completely casual like myself.

The fan-girling began as soon as I walked inside. I couldn't wipe my stupid smile off my face and I definitely didn't feel cool enough to be there. I saw all the French being effortlessly cool with their drinks, socializing in the lounge area and then there was me giggling like a 7 year-old girl meeting her idol.

The night was amazing, Breakbot was amazing, the Social Club was amazing! Despite not feeling cool enough to be there it's still going to be my hang out spot. Also next time I see Busy P I'm going to just ask him for a picture instead of fan-girl and completely missing my opportunity to do so.

I recorded a little vlog at the Social Club, so I hope you enjoy it! For more videos click here.


  1. I find your blog so charming. I live in LA with two daughters - one a senior and the other a freshman both in high school. My youngest studies french, my oldest Spanish. I hope that one day my youngest studies in Paris also.
    What uni are you at and how did you find that program?

    Patty M.

  2. Patty: Hi, thank you for liking my blog. :) That's great that both of your daughters are studying a foreign language in high school and I hope they continue studying it when they go to college.

    Right now I'm in Sorbonne Paris IV but I attend a CSU school back in the States. CSU schools have a program called CSU-IP which they work hand-in-hand with MICEFA here in France. Its a year-long exchange program and you can apply to any of the Parisian Universities that they work with and the list is pretty large. I will write a more in depth post about the program I choose in December because I know the deadline to apply for that program is in early February.