Study Abroad Horror Stories

I know I usually don't focus on the bad things that could happen when you go study abroad but it is important for me to acknowledge that things do happen. Today in my Commercial French class we were talking about cultural differences and some study abroad horror stories. Most of the people in my class are international business major and my professor was the head of the IB study abroad program for 9 years so he has a fair share of problems that he's had to resolve.

Daily vlogs! Day 9 Disneyland Paris!

Salut !

The footage for this video had been sitting in my memory card since May with the intention of being turned into a vlog and I finally found the time (and patience) to sit down and turn the footage into a vlog. This was the last day I filmed before my food poisoning got bad, my laptop died, I injured my knee, and did everything before going back to San Diego. I was very sad that I couldn't finish the daily vlogs as I had intended to do but hopefully in the future when I go back to France I'll be able to vlog everyday to show you the life of an expat. 

I'm not going to go into much detail about Disneyland Paris since I wrote a little more about it on this blog post when I went in February but all I can say is YOU NEED TO GO! Disneyland Paris actually has strong rides unlike the ones in the U.S. which is great for those adrenaline junkies. Another thing I need to point out is that it's not too expensive to go even for study abroad students. If you're a year long study abroad student you qualify for the Billet Francilien which is meant for French citizens and residents. You will need to bring your passport to show your visa though. I had to show my visa the first time I went but the second time they didn't make me show it but bring it just in case. Prices range from 35 for one day, one park to 53 euros to go to both parks on a weekend.

Hope you guys enjoy the video as much as I did!

Who's Studying Abroad in the U.S.

Today I would like to share with you an infograph about who's exactly studying abroad in the United States. Most of the study abroad infographs I've seen deal with studying abroad in terms of Americans going to other countries but in this case the people at decided to look at the 765,000 foreign students who came to study abroad in America in the 2011/2012 school year.

Thank you to for sharing the infographic.

A Girl's Survival Guide: How to Protect Yourself in Paris

I'm going to start a new series of posts directed at girls because I feel girls encounter so many problems when they're going to go study abroad from packing to dating in a new city. But the first post will be about how to protect yourself because if you're anything like me when you mention that you'll be studying in Paris people immediately bring up the movie Taken (which I haven't seen). What if I can tell you that you can go a semester or school year in Paris and have NOTHING bad happen to you? There will be no horrific, uncomfortable, or embarrassing stories to tell. Well, let me tell you that it can definitely be done but you need to be real careful and observe how French girls behave.