Changes to De San Diego à Paris + Upcoming Blog Posts

I hope everyone is having a great day so far. As you can see the blog got a little makeover. Well actually it got a full facelift. I've gone back in time and edited all 115 blog posts just to make sure that everything is cohesive. I spent a good day and a half working on the blog so I hope you all enjoy the changes.

Life as a French and Francophone Studies Major

I'm extremely sorry about the long hiatus. I explained the reason why I was gone on the Facebook fan page but long story short this was my last semester as an undergraduate and I was forced to drop my distractions and focus on finishing strong. I had so many essays to write during the past month alone. I probably wrote about 50+ pages in the course of 3 weeks so as you can imagine, I am exhausted and don't feel like writing an academic paper for quite some time but I do feel like reflecting on the five past years studying French.

If you would like to read what I have to say about majoring in French just click on read more because this is going to be a long blog post.