Disquaire Day (Record Store Day) 2012

Arcade Fire and St. Vincent RDS exclusives.
I've usually bought Record Store Day exclusive records every year I've gone to Coachella but since I'm studying abroad and didn't go to Coachella, this became my first year actually going to record stores on Record Store Day or Disquaire Day in France. For those who don't know about RSD, it is "the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music."

Just like with any music related thing I've gone to in France, it seems like there really isn't a target age group. This kind of event in the U.S. (or at least at Coachella) is usually associated with pretentious hipsters but here you even had people in the 40's and 50's buying records and early in the morning too. Doors opened at 10h00 in some places and there was a good amount of people browsing the selection. It was kind of hard to browse since record stores aren't as big as let's say Amoeba back in L.A., but unlike the U.S. here they let you browse in peace. I could take my time looking at each record without having someone ask me if I needed any help. The French really like their music and it was great seeing people of all ages excited to buy records.

My goal was to find the SebastiAn and St. Vincent records and luckily I found them but I ended up getting some other things as well (like always). Here are the my RSD2012 purchases!

I got records by SebastiAn, St. Vincent, of Montreal/Deerhoof, Arcade Fire, and two purchases from France's independent music label, Stand Out Records.

Upcoming blog posts include:
  • More information about CSU-IP/MICEFA as well as my thoughts and opinions about both
  • Travel tips for Budapest and Marseille
  • Working when studying abroad
  • Tips for girls who are going to study abroad to avoid getting into any kind of awkward/bad situation
  • French makeup/skincare video
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  1. Very much looking forward to the French skincare/makeup video! :) Also, I'm really curious about those records you bought. What do you do them? Do you have a record player? If so, that's awesome!


    1. I'll be filming that video hopefully on Monday! Well for the moment I just collect them, I have more back home in San Diego. But I am planning on buying a record player as soon as I go back home because my collection just keeps growing and growing.

  2. Wow i really like your blog
    i stumbled upon in on this rainy sunday and cant seem to get away from my computer now
    im a french girl living in paris and i adooooooooore your outsiders point of view !
    keep up the great work

    1. Thank you very much! :) You'll be seeing a lot more of my outsider point of view in my daily vlogs so I hope you enjoy those as well.