About the CSU-IP program and MICEFA

I'm sorry about the lack of updates this month but I have been busy with school and my laptop has been experiencing problems but I'm back! I'm here to inform you about my exchange program. The exchange program which I chose to come to Paris with was CSU-IP (California State University International Programs) which unfortunately is only available for CSU's hence the name. The program offers the opportunity to study abroad in various countries in Europe, Asia, and even Africa but the program which I will be telling you about is their Paris program. 

There are two cities you can choose from in France: Aix-en-Provence and Paris. Both of the French programs are year-long. The Aix-en-Provence program is basically like going to your home university back home but in France but unlike Paris you are provided with housing options. In Paris you're off on your own to find housing. The CSU-IP Paris programs works hand-in-hand with MICEFA (Mission Interuniversitaire de Coordination Échages Franco-Américains) which is an association that is partnered with 80 universities in Canada and the United States and the majority of the universities in Paris and its surrounding regions like Versailles. 

The CSU-IP program includes a 4 week preparatory French language courses, housing for the first 4 weeks (which you can opt out of if you already found housing prior to arriving to Paris), a welcome and goodbye dinner, after school activities, and a day trip to a castle or somewhere else outside of Paris. Also you get access to MICEFA's resources and the staff themselves which can be pretty helpful especially if you want to find housing or want to become an au pair. 

When the time comes to choose which university you want to go you don't have to worry about paying French tuition (which FYI is cheaper than paying tuition in the United States). You are given a wide choice of schools to choose from, I suggest you choose the school that has the best program for your major. There are a couple universities like Paris 10 (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre) and Paris 8 (Université Vincennes-Saint-Denis) which offer French courses for non-French speakers but if you choose to attend Paris 4 (Université Paris-Sorbonne) or Paris 3 (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle) you will be in classes with French students and expected to have a higher level of French. In addition to taking classes at your university you can also take courses with MICEFA which will directly transfer to your home university. As for your courses taken at your French university, the credits will vary but the way mine are transferring is 1 hour = 1 credit, so my classes which had an two lecture and a three hour TD are going to count as 5 American credits. 

In the Paris program you're basically on your own and it will make you a more independent if you weren't one before. The estimated cost of the Paris program is around $21,000 but of course you could pay more or less, it all depends on your rent and how much you want to spend on personal expenses. I will write another post with tips and advice about studying abroad in Paris in the near future but if you have any questions about my exchange program and MICEFA please feel free to email me. I will write another post in the future about the things I do like about the program and the things I really dislike because I've found that this program has a lot of flaws.

I will be heading over to Marseille tomorrow and since I'll have phone service expect a quick blog or two from my trip. 

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