Quick update- Google Reader and Bloglovin link

With the whole Google Reader shutting down and everything, I just wanted to share that the blog is on Bloglovin if you're into the whole "reading multiple blogs from a reader" thing. If you want to read more about what's going on with Google Reader I suggest you read this article.

Here's the link: Follow De San Diego à Paris with Bloglovin

If you want another recommendation for a decent reader, I personally recommend Feedly on the iPad.

I'll see you guys very soon with a decent blog post.

French food memory lane

If you have followed me for a while on Twitter or on my blog you will know that I miss French food ridiculously. I miss everything from the cheese to the cheap wine at Carrefour. Baguettes and saucisson were things that I would just snack on like if my life depended on it back in Paris. And you know what the sad thing is? You can't find half of those things in Southern California! I know you can buy baguettes and brie here but come on, you know they suck!

Now before I go on, I must sadly report that the things that will be mentioned in the blog post were all sent from France (trust me, I'm also crying on the inside) but I hope that you still enjoy reading about me almost crying after tasting real French saucisson and paté for the first time in almost 8 months.