"See you in 10 months"

I'm going to be completely frank with you, as much as I get mad or annoyed with my family sometimes- I seriously couldn't have asked for a better family.Yesterday was my godfather's son's birthday party and I was expecting the adults to be telling me that I'm going to miss my parents over and over like always but surprisingly I got none of that. I decided to sleep over just to be able to spend some time with my goddaughter because I know how much she enjoys my company. I know people will miss me here but she'll definitely be one of the ones that will miss me the most since she's still a kid. We spent the night just laughing like dorks and watching the Disney Channel despite the fact that I have no idea about their new programming. Today my family and my godfather's family went to dinner and to the movies to watch Cowboys and Aliens and after the movies I experienced my first round of my "see you laters." No, I did not start crying since I'm good at keeping my emotions to myself but saying "see you in 10 months" (the title of today's post) was a little tough. The drive back home consisted of my dad telling me how the rest of my family is reacting to me leaving. As I've mentioned before, Mexican families have a tough letting someone my age go, in fact no one in my family (and my family is huge) has left to go study elsewhere- no one. I almost started crying in the car, especially after telling my parents that my godfather gave me a financial gift. I do get overwhelmed with emotions when people do nice things for me since I don't ask for anything. I'm just happy that I have my loved ones support during this, anything more than that well I feel like I don't deserve but I'm still extremely thankful for.

I'm just very happy to be leaving to Paris but even more about the fact that I have a lot of amazing and extremely caring people in my life. I'm incredibly thankful that I was taught the importance of family from a young age and in my opinion that's the most beautiful thing that the Mexican culture has to offer. I've been telling everyone that they don't have to worry about losing touch with me since I'm on the computer a lot and I will make sure to keep in touch with my love ones- now I just hope I can make everyone proud.

My "see you laters" will resume sometime this upcoming week in Tijuana with my mom's side of the family.


  1. Nicole: I know! :O In two weeks I'll be on a plane to Paris. :)

  2. So where are you living? And how many roomies?

  3. Nicole: I'll be living the the 13th arrondissment with my best friend. It'll be just the two of us.