By this time next month I will be recovering from jet lag in Paris. Words cannot describe how excited I am to be on French soil for 10 months.

These are some the things that I'm looking forward to accomplish during my stay in Paris:

  • Making new (and hopefully French) friends
  • Improving my French
  • Attending La Sorbonne
  • Experiencing the Parisian nightlife/concert scene
  • Taking as many pictures as I can
  • Traveling to Barcelona, Florence and hopefully other cities as well
  • Stop being as shy and reserved
  • Learn how to be more independent
  • Passing all my classes since I do have to graduate eventually
This will probably the the most important year of my life (as of right now) and I'm making sure I take full advantage of it. I have a month left to enjoy my friends and family, clean my room, have a Mexican food coma, and wait till the day that I board the plane.

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