Cleaning Out

The new and improved music corner in my room.
One of the things that my mom told me to do this summer was to clean my room, easy task right? Wrong. She basically wanted me to leave my room the way I want it to look like when I come back from studying abroad- this means getting rid of many of things and throwing out my old schoolwork. I like to describe myself as a baby hoarder, I don't keep everything but when it comes to schoolwork I just can't seem to let things go. This week we began cleaning, organizing, and separating the things I no longer want. It was like going back in time, I saw old French homework, clothes I used to wear in high school (and that I can't believe I used to wear), and CDs back when pop-punk was considered "cool." Getting rid of things that remind you of the past is challenging but I think it was a necessary step for me to focus on the future. I'll even tag this as a tip because I think a lot of people just worry about things to take but they don't really think of things to finally get rid of in order to move forward.

We're almost reaching the final two weeks before I leave to study abroad!

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