French visa appointment

I have my appointment to get my visa at the French Embassy in Los Angeles on Monday so I've spent the past week filling out the forms and organizing the paperwork that I need to present. Prior to this whenever someone would ask me about how I feel about going to France, I would just tell them that it didn't feel real yet- that it still felt like a dream. Even with having paperwork getting mailed and receiving emails from the exchange program, I was still in a dream phase but I can assure you that I'm no longer in that phase. With a little over a month before I pack my bags and say goodbye to San Diego and Tijuana for 10 months, I don't think I can afford being in the dream phase anymore. The fact that I'm leaving probably feels even more real for my dad and especially his bank account (thank you California budget cuts!) but for right now I'm looking forward to the last and most important piece of the puzzle that I need- my visa.

I have a feeling that I might shed a tear of happiness if I get approved for the visa on Monday. Je croise les doigts ! :)

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