My French visa has arrived!

It has been a couple of days since my last blog post but I haven't really done anything Paris-related. I attended Comic-Con for the second year in a row just to get into the True Blood panel. After getting into the panel I was extremely lucky to have met  Alexander Skarsgård (/queue the fangirling). But that really has nothing to do with Paris, unless I could take Alexander Skarsgård along but I don't think that would be possible.

This morning mom woke me up with something very special. No, not a gift or breakfast in bed but the FedEx package with my passport and French visa! I have to admit I am not used to not smiling in pictures but who cares about that when you are one step closer to leaving. I'm honestly so happy! Packing round 2 is coming up sometime this week and I need to make sure to buy the things on my list that I need.

20 more days till I get on a plane!


  1. I hate the no-smiling-allowed policy in France! I look so bad in all my official papers over here.

  2. Laura: I hate it too! I feel like whenever I don't smile in an official picture it automatically looks like a mugshot. haha.