My EF Tours Trip to France

In today's blog post I'm going to share some stories and pictures from my first time in France. I went to France in senior year of high school with EF Tours and it was such a great experience. We got to explore Paris and many of the castles in the Loire Valley. Hope you enjoy the stories and the pictures!

To hear all my stories from the trip just watch the video! I describe how unconventional my trip was and also how I managed to get injured during my trip.
Posing in front of a metro entrance near Notre Dame. 
In Versailles. It was honestly like a dream come true. I never thought I would be able to visit the grandiose castle that I was fascinated with since childhood. It was truly spectacular.
"Je suis comme Lulli." Here I am messing around in the Opéra.
Exploring Chenonceau. The castle was huge and the gardens around the castle were so much fun. There was even a maze in the castle grounds!

This group picture screams "EF Tours rules!" Here we have my high school French class and a school from Michigan.
While we were in Amboise we got to visit Leonardo da Vinci's tomb and also his house. We didn't get to go in the house but the garden is completely free to explore and has a lot of his sketches come to life. It was so cool getting to play around with some of the things that he came up with.
One of the nights in our trip we went to a restaurant inside a cave, it was the weirdest thing ever. After our meal the restaurant owners started pulling people from our group and dressed them up in weird costumes. There was some dancing like in this incredibly cheesy picture where we're all dancing. It was a weird but hilarious night. I remember laughing so much that I started crying that night.
A lot of our trip was spent in a bus. I know it may sound pretty boring but it was actually really nice. It allowed us to see the French countryside and also get to know one another better. Much of our time on the bus was spent doing some very silly things and telling stories.
This is after my knee injury. I had to be in a wheelchair in every museum that we went to. This was me in the Louvre acting as the map holder for everyone in the group.
And finally here's me back in Montmartre getting a portrait done.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip and also seeing a couple pictures from my high school years. Have you gone to France? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. if i were to make a post about my trip, it would become an internet sensation

  2. Jose: Sure... your trip will just sound like a typical college student's trip instead of a high school trip.

  3. France is an absolutely gorgeous country. From the beaches and harbors of Normandy/Brittany to the South of France Provence and Cote d'azur and everything in between it is breathtaking. Immigration is the act of foreigners passing or coming into a country for the purpose of permanent residence. The food is excellent, the trains fast and people friendlier than you might imagine.

  4. gherlashdawn: I agree with everything you said, I love France and the French. It's such a beautiful country with great people.