One more week to go!

Francis and my mom's cockatiels.
The last week in San Diego has arrived! And I seriously can't believe that the day I've been waiting for since I came back from my trip to France is only 7 days away. Since my last post a couple things have happened. I helped my parents buy things for their trip and we got a new addition to the family- a little lost Yorkie which my mom named Francis because I'm leaving to France. We've been desperately looking around my neighborhood for "lost Yorkie" flyer since the dog didn't have a dog tag at all and today we finally found one but that poster was for another Yorkie which was fortunately found.

We're still going to keep our eyes open if someone puts a flyer up but for the meantime Francis is learning basic commands in Spanish, playing around with my Chow Chow Buster, and charming every person who steps foot in my house.
In other news my packing is about 90% done, the only thing left to do is rearrange things because it looks like my closet threw up clothes in my suitcase- its seriously a mess. I also sent the first month's rent for my apartment in Paris and started researching things like cellphone plans and Imagine-R plans so I have some sort of idea about them before I arrive. This week will consist of more "see you laters" including a breakfast with my mom's side of the family in Tijuana, helping my parents pack, teaching them a couple basic phrases in French, and making sure my best friend/roommate are on the same page.

I'll try my best to write everyday this week, giving you little updates here and there and I've also decided that I'm going to document my physical journey to France via video- yes, I'll be making a vlog!

One last note, I hope everyone in England stays safe and strong. My thoughts are definitely with all of you through this heartbreaking time.

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