EF Tours Reunion

Today I had dinner with half of my classmates that went to France with me in 2008. I have to admit I thought it was going to be awkward because I had not seen the majority since my high school graduation but I have to say that the dinner was a lot of fun.

I seriously wished it could have lasted longer. We were talking about what we've been up to, sharing our favorite stories from the trip, and just enjoying each others company. One of my friend that I met through that trip is also coming to France for a year but she's going as an "au pair." It'll be so great having another person in France that you know well. It turns out that 3 out of the 11 people that went on the EF Tours trip will be back in France. Its funny how things work out...

Last full day in San Diego is finally here and I just can't believe it. It feels very surreal, I feel like I'm living out a dream right now. Well I'll try to record a little vlog later on today, give you all a little update on how I'm feeling and all that but as for now I think its time for me and my dogs to go to bed now so goodnight.

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