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As an American I'm used to having delivery guys be polite and on time, while I think they do that because of the tip at the end of the delivery, I still generally find them easy people to work with. This past Monday we were supposed to get our beds delivered from 11h-14h. We were hoping that they would arrive early so Beatriz and I wouldn't be too late to our mandatory orientation but that wasn't the case. Once 14h came around and there was still no delivery guy, we decided to run to the metro to get to the orientation late- turns out the delivery guy arrived at 14h30. I had to call Conforama and to see when they were going to reschedule the livraison or delivery.
Just like the first time the beds were supposed to arrive from 11h-14h but this time they actually came early! At 10h we heard a knock and the delivery guys came rushing in with our two matelas (mattresses) and then les lits (beds). I just saw them leave the mattresses, the beds in the box, and the two old mattresses that were supposed to be taken away were just left in our bedroom.

This was the case when not knowing sufficient French hurt me. I told one of the delivery guys that they needed to take the old mattresses and in English he told me that I should call Conforama back. He made me sign the receipt and left. Once he left I started examining the receipt and it did say that he was supposed to take the old mattresses along but by the time I read the whole thing they were already gone. I started searching on Google what to do with the old mattresses and tweeting about it and luckily I have some great Parisians following me and one of them was more than kind enough to send me the link to the Mairie de Paris "Enlèvement d’objets encombrants" (removal of bulky items) form. The form is extremely easy to fill out, even for someone who's not yet fluent in French I was able to figure it out with no problem. I was also told that our delivery guys were just lazy and rude, and just because this happened to me doesn't mean that you're guaranteed to have the same experience as me but if a similar thing happens to you, don't panic because there are other solutions to your problem.

We were forced to bring down the old bed and mattresses by ourselves but at least we now have our new beds! All you need to do is leave the items on the street and the city will send a truck to pick them up the next day. Easy right?

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