Time to layer up!

I'm finally getting the chance to use the Blogger app on my Android phone since I'm bored in school and my next class starts in 50 minutes. So the weather is starting to change slowly but surely. Right now Paris feels like how San Diego feels like in it's coldest months which in reality is not too bad but I'm certainly not used to cold weather.

I do like cold weather so I won't be one of those people complaining about the cold every single day but I do think that I might have to start wearing more layers because I'm starting to get really cold.

I need some chocolate Abuelita to make hot chocolate and maybe that coat I have been eying at Zara. Excuses, excuses...


  1. I'm all about Zara! Bought my coat there last year :-)

  2. Sara Louise: I love Zara! I just wish San Diego could get one soon because I don't like going to L.A. that much.