Daily vlogs! Day 7 Romeo and Juliet at the Opéra Bastille

Almost 9 months after arriving to Paris, we FINALLY got the to experience a show at the Opéra. My friend, Beatriz, and I decided to go see Roméo et Juliette at the Opéra Bastille yesterday night and it was spectacular! The two main reasons why we chose to go see Romeo and Juliet was because...
  1. We were familiar with the play.
  2. They were the cheapest tickets we found.
The show was a opera/ballet, which I wasn't expecting since when we bought the tickets it said it was only a ballet. The lighting was perfect, I really enjoyed how they played around with shadows to create more drama. The choreography was very interesting, there was obviously ballet but there were times that there was modern dance which added some youthfulness to the show. Despite what dance it was it was always full of energy and passion which made the show even more memorable. The costumes, were nothing out of the ordinary in my opinion but I did particularly enjoy the tutus especially during the masquerade scene which was my favorite scene of the show. 

I highly recommend to check out at least one show at the Opéra during your study abroad year or semester, it's a great experience plus it makes for a great story to share when you go back home. The prices may be a little high but if you want cheaper tickets you must schedule it MONTHS in advance but it'll be worth every Euro, I swear.

Check out our night at the Opéra here!
Le 7 mai 2012

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