Malmö and Copenhagen

When my brother, my boyfriend, and I booked our trip to Malmö and Copenhagen we got asked "Why Copenhagen?" "What is there to do in Sweden?" over and over by family members and friends. I've been interested in traveling to Sweden since my childhood when I became obsessed with the A-Teens and ABBA so when my brother told me he wanted to go visit Malmö and Copenhagen it only took a second for me to say "YES."

We arrived to Copenhagen and took the 20 minute train from the airport across the Øresund Bridge to get Malmö. Malmö is Sweden's third largest city by population and has a lot of diversity. It is very easy to get around Malmö by foot or bus- we mostly walked though since everything was walking distance. The city, despite not having much of a nightlife like Stockholm, was a lot of fun and interesting. I would definitely recommend giving Malmö a shot.

Copenhagen, the capital and largest city in Denmak, had a lot to offer compared to Malmö. Copenhagen is now one of my favorite places that I've traveled to. I fell in love with everything, from the architecture to the people. The Danes sure spoiled us with their kindness, they're one of the happiest and kindest people I've encountered during my time in Europe. I love how they assumed that you spoke Danish and didn't just judge you didn't based on your appearance. Another thing I loved about the Danes was their English! I swear I understood the Swedes and Danes English a million times better than I did the Brits.

Overall I would highly recommend traveling to Copenhagen and Malmö, it was an amazing experience and definitely one of the highlights of my time studying abroad. Thank you to all the Swedes and Danes we encountered, you definitely spoiled us with your kindness and made this trip even more memorable.

Here are a couple pictures from my trip, to check out more pictures CLICK HERE.
Walking around Malmö.
The Turning Torso
The Baltic Sea
Triangeln train station in Malmö
Christiania, where the Danish hippies reside
There were bikes everywhere!


  1. Awesome! Definitely going to add Denmark to my list of places to visit. It looks gorgeous over there. And I'm loving your jacket!

  2. Nicole: Definitely do! You won't regret it.