Seeing Paris as a tourist

Chilling next to a Picasso painting.
During my 4th month living here I've found myself doing the tourist thing once again thanks to my brother being in town. Its weird how one becomes used to various sites such as the Arc de Triomphe and can simply walk right past them without thinking anything about it, but what I've realized is that its good to marvel at these historic sites like tourists every once in a while. And as for my brother he's enjoying seeing Paris as a resident and going to non-tourist trap restaurants.

So far we've done what every tourists has does while in Paris: go to Opéra, walk down the Quartier Latin, eat a macaron at Ladurée (which FYI they're pretty overrated, I didn't see what the fuss is about), visit the Social Club, eat falafel at a place that was recommended by Lenny Kravitz, and eat a galette (or two if you're my brother). You know, all the typical touristy things...
Mon frère

Pistachio macaron

Back in the terrace of Galeries Lafayette.


  1. Adorable! Umm btw, lipstick, what is it??

  2. Nicole: Its Lady Danger by MAC. :)