England here I come!

Again I'm very sorry for the lack of posts this month but I just finished up the semester last night and today I spent the majority of my day inside the comfort of my own bed catching up on my sleep. Tomorrow will be the first time that I'll be leaving Paris and going back to an English speaking country but no I won't be going back to the States for the Holidays, I'll be going to l'Angleterre or England! It's going to feel a tad odd being in an English speaking country when I've been hearing nothing but French for the past 4 months already. The two cities I'll be visiting are Manchester and London which I'm extremely excited about despite already knowing that its going to be even colder than in Paris. I plan to record some footage from the trip and my birthday (December 19th) which I will edit and upload it as a vlog when I come back.

I will be back in the bloggerverse on December 23rd, right before Christmas! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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